Property Investors

Hi. I'm Jodie Morgan, I take the hassle out of investing in residential rental properies. Effective property and tenant management, high occupancy rates, weekly payment to owners and reduced stress are the main benefits I am able to offer.


An essential service

Many owners, keen to either save money, or believing they are able, try to manage their property themselves. What most DIY landlords find is that the people and building management skills required are fundamentally different to living in your own home.

The last thing you want is to be called after hours, during a weekend, holiday etc because there is a roof leak or a tenant has lost their keys. That is where I come in. With years of experience in property management, I take the emotion out of the equation and ensure your property and the tenant are looked after correctly.

Additionally if you have 'family' occupying your rental it is often a very emotive subject and can cause problems. I treat all the tenants of the properties I manage with the respect they are due, but ensure that the rent is paid and the property is looked after.

If things do go wrong, I also deal with evictions and debt recovery. Through close management of the financial aspects of your property, I am able to identify problems and address them in the very early stages, taking the right steps needed to resolve them effectively.

Effective investment

Your goal in investing in property is to achieve growth over the life of your investment. My role is to help to make this happen.

I have property owners who have never seen the property they have invested in. Is this because they don't care, far from it, they care greatly. It is because they understand that their rental property is an investment and they trust me to manage it effectively for them.

Property is an emotional subject, there is no getting away from that, however, if you remove yourself from the equation and allow the property to grow in value, the tenant to pay their rent and me to mange the process, you will see that your investment will grow and help you to achieve your dreams.

Although I can't guarantee the rent will be paid, I do guarantee I will do whatever I am legally allowed to do to get payment. After all, if there's no rent payment, I also don't get paid!

Rent is paid weekly to the owner and a monthly rental summary sent out.

If you would like to discuss your needs or aims please call me.

Call Jodie on 0275 896 416


"We have recently built a new house as a rental investment property and due to my wife and I leading very busy lifestyles and being new to the rental investment market, we thought it best to get professional assistance.
From our first initial contact with Jodie from JM Property Management, we were impressed with Jodie’s professionalism and the speed at which she was able to discuss the process with us, appraise the property and find excellent tenants. Jodie expects the best from both her tenants and landlords which in turn creates an element of professionalism and respect. Jodie demonstrates a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.
We would happily recommend JM Property Management for anyone wishing a hassle-free, friendly, professional and dedicated property management experience."

— Zane and Fran Beckett 19/03/2012
"As particular home owners ourselves, we have found Jodie is experienced and has a no nonsense approach to the management of our rental. Fair to both parties and prompt attention to any concerns."
— Colin & Linda
December 2013
"I have Jodie find all my tenants for All my housees And have found her to be quick and thorough in her management in finding tenants for me thanks Jodie"
— B Blackwell - November 2013
"We have been extremely satisfied with the service Jodie has provided in managing our property. Jodie ensures good tenants occupy our property, regular inspections are maintained and contracts made to suit . Rent is paid on time. Jodie takes care of all the documentation that is required for an effective tenancy agreement, bond money etc. Where possible, Jodie gives us ample warning if maintenance is required and provides us with service people she trusts. Jodie keeps in excellent communication with both the tenant and ourselves. It has been a stress free experience. We recommend Jodie to any future landlords."
— Andrea and Peter Ward
"Jodie is efficient, quick to reply to messages and when it comes to tenants she doesn't muck around."
— Mike K
"We have been utilizing JMProperty Management since its inception.Jodie's service is excellent ,her communication is great and she delivers a total property management service with equal emphasis on the owner, tenant and property.Our rent is paid promptly ,the home is always well presented and maintained.I would have absolutely no hesitation in stating Jodie is an exceptional property manager."
— Pete
"I have left my properties in the hands of Jodie Morgan while I have been overseas. She is a no nonsense person who knows how to keep the tenants in line. She has kept in contact with me while away and asked for confirmation on any changes needed. She has made me feel confident and stress free to continue my travels."
— Lorraine
"Jodie has been our property manager for the last 4 years and has been an absolute godsend. She took over the property after a particularly difficult run of managing it myself and immediately jumped into action to sort out all issues and get top quality new tenants in place. She is highly professional, prompt with any communication and usually has any issues sorted before even telling me. She truly has taken the stress out of owning a rental property and has often gone over and above in her role.

I wholeheartedly recommend JM Property Managers to any investment property owners."

— Rachel L - May 2014
"JM PROPERTY has taken care of my rental properties for 4years.

Jodie is amazing! Communication and work ethic is outstanding. She is very informative and caters well to my busy lifestyle. Jodie is prompt and always professional I highly recommend JM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT"

— Tash Burton March 2019