About Us

As a Property Investor myself I make no apologies for running my business differently. Over nearly ten years of experience in managing properties and tenants, initially for myself and then as a business, I have learned that to be effective I need to care about both the people and the property but remain focused on the needs of my Landlords.

My role as a Property Manager is both rewarding and challenging. The aim of my business is to ensure that all properties are filled with long term, high quality tenants who pay their rent when due and keep their home in a reasonable state of cleanliness and tidiness.

Some people comment that I only have a small selection of properties on this website. This is because my commitment to long term occupancy means that the properties I manage tend to stay occupied. This, I believe, is why owners and investors have realised that I offer something different to other property managers.

Effective Management

I believe in our community in Te Awamutu. I live here, my children work and go to school here. Over my years in managing property, I have found that in order to be effective you need to be local to your business to understand the needs and desires of the potential tenants. In this way, I can also better advise landlords on trends in rent and other aspects that will help them to maximise their investment in property and ultimately make a greater return.

I am an approved member of the IPMA - Independent Property Managers Association - an organisation I believe in otherwise I wouldn't waste my time or money belonging.

Unlike many Property Managers, I only receive(or expect) payment when a property is occupied.

Rent is paid weekly to the owner and a monthly statement emailed/posted out.

The bottom line is that I offer hassle free renting for both the tenant and the property owner. If you would like to know more about my services please contact me.